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Advances in Systems, Computing Sciences and Software Engineering This book includes the proceedings of the International Conference on Systems, Computing Sciences and Software Engineering (SCSS’05). The proceedings are a set of rigorously reviewed world-class manuscripts addressing and detailing sta...

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Corporate Author: SpringerLink (Online service)
Other Authors: Sobh, Tarek., Elleithy, Khaled.
Format: Electronic
Language: English
Published: Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands, 2006.
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Table of Contents:
  • An Elastic Display Method for Visulaizing and Navigating a Large Quantity of Alarma in a Control Room of a Nuclear Power Plant
  • An EAI Technology Framework
  • A Fuzzy Algorithm for Scheduling Soft Periodic Tasks in Preemptive Real-Time Systems
  • Parallel Construction of Huffman Codes
  • Semantic Description of Multimedia Content Adaptation Web services
  • Grid Computing Communication Strategies for Cross Cluster Job Execution
  • Glue Code Synthesis for Distributed Software Programming
  • Interactive Elicitation of Relation Semantics for the Semantic Web
  • An Improved Configuaration Similarity Retrieval Model
  • Automatic Generation of Software Component Wizards based on the Wizard Pattern
  • Content Based Image Retrieval Using Quadrant Motif Scan
  • Parallel Implementation of MPEG-4 Encoding over a Cluster of workstations
  • Different Strategies for Web Mining
  • Coalesced QoS: A Pragmatic approach to a unified model for KLOS
  • Method of Key Vectors Extraction Using R-Cloud Classifiers
  • Semantic Web Knowledge Management
  • Augmented Color Recognition by Applying Erasure Capability of Reed-Solomon Algorithm
  • Decoupling of Collaboration-Based Designs
  • A Location Servive for Pervasive Grids
  • Extending an existing IDE to create non visual interfaces
  • Performance Comparison of Two Identification Methods for Analysis of Head Related Impulse Responses
  • Reversers-A programming language construct for reversing out of code
  • Hand-written Character Recognition Using Layered Abduction
  • Dynamic Pricing Algorithm for E-Commerce
  • Runtime support for Self-Evolving Software
  • A Mobile Location Algorithm Using Clustering Technique for NLos Environments
  • A Simplified and Systematic Technique to Develop and Implement PLC Program for a Control Process
  • Development of Mathematical Model of Blast Furnace Smelting
  • Research and researcher implications in sustainable development projects: Muti-agent Systems (MAS) and Social Sciences applied to Senegalese examples
  • The Importance of modeling metadata for Hyperbook
  • Cluster-Based Mining of Microarray Data in PHP/MYSQL Environment
  • Grid and Agent based Open DSS
  • The Design and Implementation of Elactronic Made-to-Measure System
  • Ants in text documents clustering
  • Optimal Control in a Monetary Union: An Application of Dynamic Game Theory to a Macroeconomic Policy Problem
  • Schema Matching in the Context of Model Driven Engineering: From Theory to Practice
  • FOXI-Hierarchical Structure Visualizaion
  • A Hands-Free Non-Invasive Human Computer Interaction System
  • A Model for Anomalies of Software Engineering
  • A Qualitative Analysis of the Critical's Path of Communication Models for Next Performant Implementations of High-speed Interfaces
  • Detailed Theoretical Considerations for a Suite of Metrics for Integration of Software Components
  • Study on a Decision Model of IT Outsourcing Prioritization
  • An Efficient Database System for Utilizing Gis Queries
  • Effective Adaptive Plans
  • A Morphosyntactical Complementary Structure for Searching and Browsing
  • Remote Monitoring and Control System of Physical Variables of a Greenhouse through a 1-Wire Network†
  • Multimedia Content's Metadata Management for Pervasive Environment
  • Data Loss Rate versus Mean Time To Failure in Memory Hierarchies
  • Towards Living Cooperative Information Systems for Virtual Organizations Using Living Systems Theory
  • Research and Application of A Integrated System
  • Proposed Life–Cycle Modelm For Web-BAsed Hypermedia Applications Development MEthodologies.
  • Reverse Engineering Analyze for Microcontrollers’ Assembly language Projects
  • Composition Linear Control In Stirred Tank Chemical Reactors
  • Intelligent analysis to the Contamination in the city of Santiago from Chile
  • Designing Human-Centered User—Interfaces for Technical Systems
  • Service Selection Should be Trust–and Reputation–Based
  • A short discussion about the comparison between two software quality approaches mafteah/MethodAi method and the software Capability Maturityii Integration
  • Using Association Rules and Markov Model for Predit Next Access on Web Usage Mining
  • New Protocol Layer for Guaranteeing Trustworthy Smart Card Transaction
  • Metadata Guided Statistical Information Processing
  • Combinaorial Multi-attribute Auction (CMOA) Framework for e-auction
  • Measuring of Spectral Franctal Dimension
  • Design and Implementation of an Adaptive LMS- based Parallel System for Noise Cancellation
  • Requirements Analysis: A Review
  • Nuclear Matter Critical Temperature and Charge Balance
  • Activation-Adjusted Scheduling Algorithms for Real-Times Systems.